We Cook, We deliver, You Enjoy

just the way you want it

Home cooked food

You simply can’t beat the taste of homemade. It is a comfort knowing your meals are in the hands of an experienced cook.

Convenient food

We’ve done the shopping, chopping, sautéing, whizzing, mixing, cooking and portioning so you don’t have to.

Made just the way you want it

We know spice is nice but isn’t for everyone, you will find a range of delicious meals full of flavour to choose from.  We want to tickle your taste buds. 

 The ways we make life easier.

Homemade Evening meals

We deliver your #FillYourFridge homemade evening meals across Northampton.

– Our menu changes weekly, giving you and your household variety at dinner time. No more never ending chicken or getting into a boring food rut.  We cook from scratch for you to enjoy a host of seasonal ingredients,  who knows you could find your new favourite flavour?

– Our menu choices offer you fresh, nutritious and wholesome meals. We use locally sourced ingredients yet research recipes from all over the world. Through our menus we like to celebrate at every opportunity with you.  So you won’t miss out on National Eat like a Pirate day (does that exist? If it doesn’t it should – don’t you agree?)

– Our meals are delivered at refridgerated temperature. You have the choice and flexibility to gently reheat and enjoy from the fridge or freeze your meals for a later date.  

So how will you enjoy your time? It may be as simple as removing the time pressure to rush home from work. Or you can say yes and finally join that book club or yoga class.  




Our #fillyourfridge menu changes weekly, offering you a huge variety of authentic homecooked meals. You just need to set the table.

Step 1 - What’s cooking?

Every Wednesday we’ll post our #FillYourFridge menu on our website, on social media and email it directly to you.

Step 2 – Make your selection

Choose what tickles your taste buds. Our #FillYourFridge menu changes every week, giving you the opportunity to try something new.

Step 3 - Place your order

Set up an account (this will take about 30 seconds) and order a minimum of four dishes or more by Friday.

Step 4 – Smile, you’re winning at life

We will deliver your homemade meals to your doorstep on Monday, with a smile. Ready to pop in the fridge and gently reheat when you’re ready.

Want to sign up for the
‘I Cook You Serve Family’?

You simply order a minimum of four meals a week from the #FillYourFridge menu for a year (46 weeks).

Reserve your seat around the dinner table, to enjoy many of the home comforts of being a member of the I Cook You Serve Family.

You will save time and money on meal planning and food shopping. Let us lighten the load of your shopping bags and deliver the comforts of homemade family meals. 

Save time, save money, no catches, only large print.

You can order a mixture of the menu choices, if that suits your household, to make up your minimum four portions.


When you have enjoyed your homemade meals for a year; you are granted an I Cook You Serve loyalty card. With this you can enjoy a whopping 15% off our other services for as long as you remain a member.


Services Coming Soon

More pages outlining our other services will be coming soon. Making it easier for you to order an Afternoon Tea for that special someone or join our Soup Club for a healthier lunch option.

Nutritional Therapy

We provide presentations or one to one meetings with clients who are looking to improve their eating habits. Nutritional therapy can help with symptoms of a pre diagnosed condition or can help identify nutritional defiencies to maintain good health.

Afternoon Tea

Close your eyes and you can smell the fresh scones just out of the oven, that and a finger cut sandwich is perfect and we haven’t got to the cake yet

Lunch Club

Fancy joining us for a home cooked meal and pudding? You’ll be most welcome at our monthly lunch club offered to over 70’s


The best accompaniment to a meal or a meal in itself. Soups are great 12 month of the year and better than biscuits when you fancy a snack.

Got any questions?

There are no dumb questions only dumb answers.

Contact us with any queries regarding our services. Do leave a message for us to get back to you.

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