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Why choose I Cook You Serve

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.  You will find us on social media with #lovemyjob. I Cook You Serve is a family run business, we have an excellent relationship with our suppliers particularly our butcher, whose expertise and advice is invaluable.  Our suppliers are all experts in their field, offering us a professional service so that we can offer you our best service.


Homemade Food

There is no better welcome than the waft of a homemade meal.  We use natural ingredients and let those flavours sing.

Tailored to your taste

Your meals are cooked in small batches to ensure consistency in our portions and to sidestep those pesky allergies.  When we’re in control of that ingredients list, we can personalise the cook to your preference.

We care about what we do

Your food is as important to us as it is to you. We take it personally and we consider it’s a privilege to prepare.

Making your life easier

We want to take the chore out of not only your meal requirements but the meal planning shopping and then give you your time back without compromising on quality.

Founder & Cook

Liz Murphy

Hello, my name is Liz and I Cook You Serve with little more than an onion and a recipe for soup. Back in 2011 it was just something that fitted with my young family.  The idea for ICYS was born 10 years prior to its birth however, when I had to choose between time with my daughter and preparing a nutritious family meal after a day’s work. I saw a gap in the market.  I felt the alternatives of a takeaway or a ping meal were both unhealthy and unsustainable.

I knew I couldn’t be alone in this and the idea of cooking simple evening meals for busy families was born. So I would cook and the clients would serve.

Today the ping meals have improved dramatically, and a meal service is as commonplace as using cleaners or gardening service. Today that daughter is now business partner.

Nutritional Therapist

Shannon Howe

Hello, Shannon here. I joined the business in August 2018 but have lived the business since it’s conception in 2011. I studied a Nutritional Therapy course while at university studying Classical studies with Egyptian Culture. The course appealed to my natural inclination to find out why we eat what we eat, and how food can have such a huge impact on our body and state of mind. The more I studied the more questions were raised and this appealed to the researcher within and utilised the skills that have been so well exercised while successfully completing my degree.

So, as clients have presented with so many diverse requirements, I go and study the very latest scientific research in order to pass on the best and most up to date information. I am now quite unshockable when looking at client food diaries and take huge satisfaction from identifying potential nutritional deficiencies in otherwise perfectly healthy individuals and those who want help with symptoms of a pre-diagnosed condition.

I am happy to present to your workplace or community group in order to promote the benefits of good nutrition. Because nutrition has such a broad spectrum, I will adapt the presentation to whatever message you want to communicate, be to reduce the amount of absenteeism or to optimise your performance in a specific area.

I am also is the first contact in most of the communications in the business from the online presence or networking, again appealing to my natural organisational skills.

Our Understanding Of Food

Qualified and experienced

Not only do we love cooking for you, but we are also qualified to a level three food hygiene and safety standard, allergen awareness and have a 5-star rating with environmental health so you are in safe, well qualified and experienced hands.


About 70% of olive oil being sold is not actually pure olive oil


Apples float in water because 25% of their volume is made of air


75% of the world’s food is generated from only 12 plants and 5 animal species


80% of a cricket can be eaten, while only 55% of a pig and 40% of a cow are edible.
“Loving my delivery from I Cook You Serve – this weeks Moussaka was amazing! I love cooking but sometimes the day just gets in the way. Having a selection of go-to dishes from the #fillyourfridge weekly menu means we avoid the takeaways! We thoroughly recommend the service, quality but most importantly the taste.”

– Fill Your Fridge client.

Got any questions?

There are no dumb questions only dumb answers.

Contact us with any queries regarding our services. Do leave a message for us to get back to you.

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