I Cook You Serve Family

An exclusive Membership

Where you will enjoy the many privileges of being a member of the I Cook You Serve Family. From the moment you sign up, you can enjoy family rates on your first #FillYourFridge evening meal delivery and after 3 months of subscribing, family rates on many of our other services listed below.

Save time, save money, no catches, only large print.

Introducing the I Cook You Serve Family

 Every Wednesday we’ll post a #FillYourFridge evening meals menu, this menu changes weekly, so make sure you let us know your favourite meals. As part of the family, we’ll pop them on future menus. 


Exclusive loyalty benefits

Exclusive loyalty benefits – Being a member of I Cook You Serve 100 affords you more than the convenience and security of our FYF meals all year round, we are delighted to extend our other services to enjoy at a privileged rate. We are a community who want nothing more than to see our clients succeed.

Loyalty Benefits

Now we mentioned loyalty and how much we value it, being a member of I Cook You Serve 100 offers you privileged rates from our other services

Enjoy a whopping 15% off our other services for as long as you remain a member:


Buffet You don’t need a reason to enjoy one of our buffets, with 15% you can celebrate all year.  Minimum of 25 guest.

Packed Lunches

Do you run a club or a group for children and want to offer a Packed Lunch service?  Let us take the strain out of that for you, leave the dietary requirements and delivery to us. Minimum of 15 children. Menu can be adapted to cater for adults too.

Afternoon Tea

There are few hours in life more agreeable than an hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” Henry James was correct “it is in itself delightful”.  Delivered to your door, ready for you to enjoy with your nearest and dearest. Minimum of 6 guests.

Lunch Club

We run an over 70’s monthly lunch club where a warm welcome and never-ending tea are always on offer.  If you, or someone you know, is over 70 then please join us for a main course, pudding and friendship.

Plus 15% off a Nutritional Therapy assessment

Not only that, but you will be offered 15% off a Nutritional Therapy assessment to help you identify any Nutritional Deficiencies. We can then look to tweak your menu choices to suit your Nutritional needs.


£5.00 per portion will be held for you as a member of the ICYS 100 Club for the first 12 months if your membership starts before 5th April 2020. After which you will see an increase of 4% per year in line with anticipated increases in food & energy prices.

Yes, we agree 12 months is a long time to wait for these benefits, so refer ICYS100 and if your referral signs up, your wait is reduced by a month, get two referrals book in, your wait is reduced by two months.

Along with popup restaurant & events

In addition, I Cook You Serve will look to host pop up restaurant events in the coming year, you will be offered a members-only pre-sale invitation. These will be a lot of fun with blind taste tasting, entertainment and comedians. No discount for these as they will be charity fundraisers. You can, as an ICYS100 client, request an event as a fundraiser for your favourite charity and can be as involved as you choose to be in the evening’s arrangements.

And finally, ICYS100 will be offering some exciting bespoke I Cook You Serve merchandise. Your loyalty card can be used to enjoy another 20% loyalty discount.

So that is it – in essence. We like to keep things simple and we hope we can navigate our way around anything else.


The final last question, that only you can answer is, what will you do with all your spare time

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any questions please get in contact with us

How do you become a member?
You simply order a minimum of four meals a week from the #fillyourfridge menu for a year.
How do we order?
We will email a #fillyourfridge menu to you on the 15th of every month.

You then make your weekly selections for the month ahead and email them back to us by the 20th. If you prefer, we will give you a call to take your menu selections at a pre-agreed time.

What is on the #fillyourfridge menu?
The #fillyourfridge menu includes one of each of these choices.






Does I cook 100 club run all year?
This service is offered for 48 weeks a year. The I Cook You Serve Kitchen is closed on Easter week, last two weeks of August and Christmas week. If you take a holiday outside of these times just let us know, we can prepare that week’s order in advance; you can store in your freezer to enjoy upon your return. Keep that holiday vibe going.

It is your responsibility to ensure facilities are available to refrigerate your meals at your delivery address to ensure food safety.

So what if things go wrong?
Well, in the unlikely event of our being unable to meet your order, you will be reimbursed for the meals that have not been received. We will not be held liable for any related costs due to interruption of supply. In the event of a Force Majeure, no reimbursement will be offered. We reserve the right to change the menu choices but we will keep to your food preferences in mind, should this be required.
Can I choose a mixture of choices?
You can order a mixture of the menu choices, if that suits your household, to make up your minimum four portions.

For example

3x Chicken meals along with 1x Vegetarian meal

Your meals are served at refrigerated temperature, for you to pop into your fridge or to freeze and then gently reheat and serve at your convenience.

Do you want to hear more?

Do you deliver?
We offer a free of charge delivery within a 5-mile radius of Abington.

Monday 3pm-8pm Collection from Clarke Road

Tuesday 1 pm – 8 pm Delivery.

Delivery & collection has a strict on the doorstep policy, we cannot enter your premises.

How do you pay?
All meals are charged at £5.00 per portion.

You pay via direct debit on the first of every month.

So, you order a minimum of four meals a week for 48 weeks a year. You can order more than four meals per week if that suits your household.

If you want to cancel?
We’d be sad to see you go, breaking up is hard to do. You simply pop an email over to hello@icookyouserve.co.uk between the 15th and 20th to cancel.

You can always contact us again to re-join or go on the waiting list.

Got any questions?

There are no dumb questions only dumb answers.

Contact us with any queries regarding our services. Do leave a message for us to get back to you.

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