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Your food

I Cook You Serve prepare your dinner for you to serve at your convenience. Simply, place your order, I’ll shop for your ingredients locally, prepare and cook to your specification, put your meal in a real disk, not foil or plastic once. and into the fridge for you to serve when you’re ready. Be it an individual portion, or a family of fifteen ust place your order and I’ll do the rest.

this is all about “YOU”… my menu is just a suggestions of the types of dishes that I do. Please feel free to ask for ‘no onions, extra mushrooms, heavy on the garlic;’ if this is what you prefer!

Download the Menu’s here…

I Cook You Serve Main Menu

I Cook You Serve Soup Menu

I Pack You Lunch

Finger Buffet – contact for more buffet options

About the Dishes

As your food will be made from scratch this will mean minimal packaging except vegetable peelings for composting. You hire the dishes that main meals will be served in; these are ovenproof, freezer proof and dishwasher proof dishes, which can be used again and again. These dishes will then need to be returned (with you next food order) to regain your deposit.

Alternatively your food can be served in a plastic container. Which will be charged in addition for your food.

To order or ask a question, please contact on…

Email: icookyouserve@hotmail.com

Phone: 07969 964 125